Residential Flooring Is Our Specialty

Residential Flooring Is Our Specialty

How can we update your floors in Bethel, CT or Fairfield County?

The flooring industry is full of innovative designers offering high-quality, elegant solutions to the market's wood flooring needs. Unfortunately, the highest level of artistic attention to beautiful floors comes at a high price. For those whose budgets cannot reach high-end service, the only option is to compromise and to choose that which is affordable rather than that which they envision for their homes and offices.

Patricio Enterprises, LLC hopes to build that gap between between quality wood flooring services and affordability. We wish to offer client-centered services that provide you with ease, peace of mind, and confidence in knowing that your floors are in the hands of professionals. We believe that when your priorities become our own, the result will be floors that you will love. We do it right the first time. When doing your floors, don't think twice - call Patricio Enterprises, LLC and have peace of mind!

These simple upgrades can make a world of difference

Because we're a full-service commercial remodeling company in Bethel, CT, we can do all work needed to modernize your space.

Don't forget to schedule commercial flooring and painting services. While new floors or a fresh coat of paint might not be high on your priority list, these features can boost your property value significantly.

Contact Patricio Enterprises Construction today to schedule remodeling services, including commercial flooring or painting work.